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First Job Anxiety

Is this your first job since leaving university or school? Are you feeling anxious about it? Worried what your colleagues will think of you and whether you can do the job? Anxious about meeting new people and socialising with them? Concerned that you may be late for your first day?

Starting your first job (and even a new job) is exciting but can be an anxiety provoking experience too-if you get social anxiety, then this could make you feel even more anxious. If you have low self-esteem, then you may feel that you will not be good enough to do the job. Starting a new job and particularly your first job can trigger various emotions. But you must not forget it is YOU that has been hired for the job, it is YOU they want and therefore YOU can do the job.

Here are 10 helpful tips if you are feeling anxious about starting your first job:

Tip #1 - Do some mindfulness and breathing exercises to calm the anxiety – google is great for these. I also recommend the Calm app

Tip #2 - Plan your journey; which is the best way to get there, how long will it take, what time should you leave etc. Perhaps practice the journey.

Tip #3 - Remind yourself why you were selected for the job, what qualifications you have or experience needed.

Tip #4 - Plan what you are going to wear on the first day and perhaps treat yourself to some new work outfits.

Tip #5 - If you are going to have your own workspace/desk, plan what you are going to need for it.

Tip #6 - Find out who to contact/speak to if you have any concerns during your first day. For example HR or team members.

Tip #7 - Get everything ready the night before; outfit, desk items, what you need for the day

Tip #8 - Share how you are feeling with friends and family. First job anxiety is very common so it is likely they will understand.

Tip #9 - Reward yourself with something at the end of your first day

Tip #10 - Be kind and patient with yourself; first day nerves are normal and it can take weeks/months to settle into a job, make new work friends and learn how to do the job.

It is very common to feel anxious about your first job but if these feelings are overwhelming, you do not need to suffer alone. For further help and coping strategies, please get in touch to arrange an initial FREE 15 minute telephone call.


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