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Feeling miserable at university?

Is this your first time away from home, from your family and friends? Are you feeling depressed, unhappy, more anxious or perhaps more stressed?

Going to university is an exciting experience for some but for many it can also be a very daunting experience. Perhaps you are having difficulty making friends, you are missing your family and home friends, struggling to live on your own and look after yourself, feeling anxious being away from home, struggling to balance your studies with other commitments or feeling lonely and miserable.

It is important to not suffer alone and get overwhelmed by how you are feeling. You are not alone.

Here are 10 helpful tips if your feelings are getting on top of you:

Tip #1 -Do some mindfulness exercises – Google is great for these

Tip #2 - Do something that you love to do and helps to relax you

Tip #3 -Keep a diary of your feelings and emotions so that you can become aware of the triggers

Tip #4 - Do regular exercise-go to the gym, go for a run with a friend, play a team sport

Tip #5 - Join a society to meet others

Tip #6 - Be friends with different groups rather than just the first person you met when you started university

Tip #7 - Try to get enough sleep – I know this can be difficult at university but lack of sleep can make you feel more miserable if you are already feeling sad

Tip #8 - Listen to music – music can be a great way to boost your mood. Or even join a band to meet others.

Tip #9 - Share how you are feeling with friends and family

Tip #10 - Find out what university support service/counselling is available. Register with the GP. Call a helpline.

There is no need to suffer alone. For further help and coping strategies, please get in touch to arrange an initial FREE 15 minute telephone call.


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