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Daily Mirror and Daily Express

Alison Goolnik contributes to The happiness workout', 2nd May 2024 print edition. 

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Pick Me Up

Alison Goolnik features in 'Your dilemmas', March 2024 print edition. 



Alison shares her thoughts on How to stay up beat when the weather is getting you down. July 2024 Read HERE

Alison features in How to fit more joy into every day. June 2024

Alison Goolnik comments on 30 Habits to make your life happier without much effort. Read HERE

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Yahoo Life

Alison Goolnik contributes to why eating with family and friends is good for your health. Read HERE

Alison Goolnik shares her thoughts on how your type of humour influences your risk of depression and anxiety. Read HERE 

Alison Goolnik shares her thoughts on the mental health benefits of saying no to Christmas parties. Read HERE

Alison Goolnik discusses how micro stresses can impact your mental health. Read HERE

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The Mix

Alison Goolnik shares her tips for looking after your mental health during the cost of living crisis. Read HERE

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